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Review: Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Book details can be found at: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29104680-punk-57
My Rating: ❤ 5 Be Yourself Stars.
Punk 57 is a an epic young adult love story with a strong message of being comfortable in our own skin and finding the right kind of friends. It is very unique and I was mesmerized and captivated by every single words in the book.

Ryen Trevarrow or Ryen is one hell of a heroine that I greatly enjoyed reading and I don't think I've ever met any heroine that is quite like her. She is the queen bee in school and she is also in the cheerleader team. Basically, she is the popular type and kind of mean almost the same as the one in Mean Girls. But then although she can appear to be mean sometimes, inside she cared about the weaker one, the bullied students. I am deeply intrigued by her personality and I was curious to see which one is the real her and which on is not. I have a feeling from the start that she will later on be true to herself and I'm glad that I wait for her to come around and I'm happy that I got to be with her along in her journey. And one more thing, I freaking love the rebellious side of her! 

Misha Lare or Misha or Masen is an interesting character as a hero. At first he is the talented musician, then he is the new guy with different name in the school with edgy and rough personality and then he is also the grandson of a senator. His family is really rich but he act like a homeless person and I am enthralled with the angst and the conflict that made him behave like that. I'm also liking the way Misha can't seems to stop himself from seeking and longing for Ryen even though Ryen seems like a hateful person and doesn't seems to be what she described herself at all in her letters. And I love it more when Misha saw glimpse of the girl in Ryen that he knows and constantly provoke her just to force that side of her to come out. He is the kind of hero that you will root for to get his girl and wish everything will be okay again in his life.

I am very fascinated by Misha and Ryen friendship and their love story specifically with all the letters and the music but mostly, what I love in this book is the way the author encourage us to own our uniqueness, our differences, and persuade us to not change ourselves just to fit in a group and just hang on because we will find our own tribe. It a good message in life that I will want to pass on to my future children someday if I have one because peer pressure really sucks.

I am totally recommending Punk 57 to romance readers who would love an unusual but extraordinary plot line with fascinating hero and especially fascinating heroine. It is a young adult and although I'm not that young, the author brilliantly incorporated songs that surely bring back memories from my teenage years and now I can't help but remember how much I used to love Avril Lavigne songs. And by the way, I'm having a withdrawal syndrome after reading this so I guess I will be playing songs from Punk 57 Playlist after this especially songs from Avril Lavigne, Eminem and P!nk :).


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