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Review: Black Swan Affair by K.L. Kreig

My Rating:  5 Legendary Stars
This book is LEGENDARY and it takes my breath away. Definitely a superb love story that will makes you forget everything and devour it in one sitting.

I was introduced to this book after reading a friend's review on Goodreads and she speaks so highly of this book so naturally,  I have a high expectation on this one. And this book didn't disappoint me. At all. In fact it exceeds way beyond my expectation and it managed to make me read nonstop until I finish reading at 5am! I didn't even care that it will make me feel like a zombie the 'next day' because the story is so freaking captivating and I was super delighted that I got to read this gem. 

Now, it is no big surprise that I love childhood friends/ best friends turn lovers tropes and I am not denying that was what captured my attention but marrying your best friend (a.k.a your lover's brother) just because your lover married your sister? And that best friend have been in love with you since like forever? It's very dramatic but it is a great one. And I love it so much.

Kael Shepard or Kael is the best friend who is also the brother of the man that Mavs love. Kael has been in love with her almost as long as he has been as her best friend. I like how selfless he is especially when it comes to Mavs. I like the way he silently protected her, loving her and especially all the sweet little things that no one cares for but he did. I was really touched by the magnitude of his love for Mavs when he knows Mavs love Killian but he continue to love her with all his might. 

But I like that although Mavs seems like he got Kael wrapped around her finger, he can also be an alpha when he want and oh boy the dirty things that he said during those sexy scenes were really hot. Sigh. He makes me have all the feels and I'm about to exploded with all the things he did for Mavs. 

Maverick DeSoto or Maverick or also known as Mavs has love Killian ever since she was a teenager and has even dated him. But suddenly Killian left and only came back to marry her sister. She feels so angry and betrayed and she thought by agreeing to marry Kael, Killian's brother she will get to have her revenge. But I like that deep down inside, she already love Kael and I like how she finally comes to accept that she married Kael and works hard to forget Killian and focusing on being Kael's wife and loving him.

Black Swan Affair is one epic read that every romance readers should read and don't worry there were no cheating or adultery involved among the hero and heroine and it is a dang good romance to indulge into. I highly recommend this book if you want a book that will consume you and will figuratively swept you off your feet. 


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