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Review: This Love by Lea Darragh


Book Title: This Love 
Author: Lea Darragh 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women's Fiction 
Release Date: September 15, 2016 
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Forgiveness can be hard—even when it’s the only way to save your life.

When Emmy’s fiancĂ©, Ethan, is killed by a speeding driver on the way to their wedding, she is devastated beyond words. Numb and confused, she withdraws from the world.

Eighteen months later, Emmy has settled herself into the coastal town of Cobbler’s Cove. With satisfying work in a new restaurant, a quiet home by the sea, and friends who pick her up when grief comes back to haunt her, she’s finally daring to dream of a bright future.

That is, until she meets Jack Archer—a worldly chef who draws people to the restaurant. Emmy and Jack have mutual friends and a common goal, but their history could tear them both apart.

When Emmy finds herself falling for Jack, she begins to question her love for Ethan. She’s tortured by the past and scared of the future. Does she have the strength to forgive and move on?
a stories of love



meet the author
Lea Darragh is a married mother of three who has lived in the Gippsland area for her entire life, blessed with family and friends who during cold and stormy nights introduced her to the breathtaking world of fiction, of romance and of the uplifting sense of pleasure left only by a great book. She began to write…and hasn’t looked back.

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My Rating: ( 4 forgiving hearts)
This Love is heartbreaking, angsty, and intensely hot. It is a story about forgiving and being forgiven to fully fall in love.

I think the story have a unique plot in the way it brings the villain-to-hero arc to Jack's character although I didn't really think he is a villain at first. I mean I know he is generally a good person and him being a villain was an accident but it happened and I've found myself rooting for him to forgive himself even after Emmy has forgive him.

I am also drawn to Emmy and Jack's love story as I love how they have this same wavelength that only they know how each other is badly grieving and how desperately they search for something to move beyond that phase. It is so beautiful how they found each other in the midst of all that.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)

1. I love how despite everything that happened to Emmy in the past with Jack, she still could find it in her to forgive him and helps him to finally let the past go.  It think it is an interesting healing process and it is really believable.

2. That scene at the bed and breakfast is brilliantly written. I like how Jake and Emmy talked about what happened in the past and then really have to struggle their affection towards each other. I love how their their romance were not being forced at that moment and it is also when I can see the glimpse that they could be great together.

3. That first kiss at Emmy's cottage after Adam has left and Jake suddenly came back to her. I was glad that we readers have to wait for awhile for their first kiss but the anticipation is one of the many things that I've enjoyed. 

(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)

Adam! I know every story perhaps need an antagonist but he really infuriates me. I don't know really know if he really is attracted to Emmy or he feels like he have to honor his late brother either way he makes me cringe every single time when he shows his interest to be with her. And I understand his anger towards Jake but it feels too much but then, I'm glad towards the end he (seems to) finally came to his senses. 

Overall I think This Love have a good premise and the book managed to deliver it well. This book is totally suitable to the romance lover who love angsty love story and wants to skewed away from the sweet and fluffy romance.


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