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Review: Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton and Nina Bocci

My Rating:  (5 Tesoro Hearts )
Roman Crazy is insanely addictive, truly magical and simply captivating! It is definitely a second chance romance at it's best.
Nine years ago, Avery Bardot and Marcello Bianchi had a passionate summer together during their time at University of Barcelona but something happened and Avery had to leave Marcello. Fast forward to the present, Avery caught his husband, Daniel having an affair with his secretary (or Administrative Assistant) and later on she go to Rome while at the same time divorcing Daniel to spend time with her best friend, Daisy. In Rome, Avery accidentally met with Marcello again and then after the long awaited explanation and apology for the past, they begin their journey towards their second chance romance and HEA.

 My Opinion 
I must say the book has a very interesting plot with the past at Barcelona, the present stories at Italy that make us keep on turning the pages and also sometimes, the something in between, things that happened after the Bacelona until before the present starts. They way each parts of the time setting unravel itself is really genius and I think that is the strong point of this book besides the dreamy Italian Architect named Marcello. And of course, the place setting is really wonderful too with all of the brilliant descriptions of the places in the book making them sounds really magical and breathtaking. I also like they way Avery is finding back herself and it is admirable how she strongly put herself first this time around. I've found myself liking Roman Crazy a lot and I had a pleasurable time reading the book.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)
Oh gosh! Where do I starts? There are so many things that I like in this book! Well, here are my top favorites:

1. Avery and Marcello's kiss on Daisy's porch. It was really making me all swoony! And I don't know which one is more funny, the fact that they managed to damaged Daisy's planter or Daisy's peeking on them and pretended she didn't watch them kissing lol. 
"I peeked outside just as he was charging back up the sidewalk. Good lord that was sexy. He swept you up and pinned you to the door in one swoop! I was fanning myself while I was pretending not to watch."
2.That scene when Marcello is persuading Avery to climb on the scooter. Actually the whole scooter scene is my favourite. Avery is so funny for getting scared of riding on scooter! And I love this conversation of them:
"You promise you won't go too fast?"
...."I promise."
For the record, never trust an Italian's version of what constitutes as too fast. 
3. Daisy teasing Avery during their time at a bistro in Monti. Daisy is hilarious when she is teasing that Avery has got a crush. Seriously, I was laughing hard at their banter and this one just takes the cake:
"And this is what you look like when you realize you're going to get to spend an entire night with Marcello........" She made a show of grinning like a crazy person, all moony and swoony. 

(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)
I love this book from the bottom of my heart really, but this is the only things that I can't helped but feels uncomfortable of:

1. The cheating issue with Avery. I would love it more if somehow Avery has ended things with Daniel when she was with Marcello at Barcelona but I guess if I'm at Avery's place I couldn't resist Marcello too.

2. The cheating issue with Marcello. Okay, I'm not really sure if he cheated on Avery or not because he didn't explained it well. I know that he said he ended things with Simone when he knew Avery is staying but exactly when did he knew that? I would feel a whole lot comfortable with the situation if Marcello clarified to Avery clearly that he didn't in fact sleep with Simone when he is already sleeping with Avery. 

With that all being said, I  think Roman Crazy is really a must read for all the contemporary romance readers. It is just something that you totally, definitely and surely shouldn't missed out.

Anyway, Roman Crazy makes me suddenly feels like wanting to listen to Italian songs, play tourist somewhere and flips a coin to decides which direction to go. In addition, I also wants to roll all my R's whenever I talk and I think I may have developed a craving for Cornetto although I've never eat it before. And yeah, this is me officially having a withdrawal syndrome from reading Roman Crazy ;)

Till next time sweethearts!

Yours truly,


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