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The Cliche First Post....

Dearest sweethearts,

You know how a person usually create a brand new blog and feel obligated to publish the very first post in the hey-i'm-new-to-the-town-introduction way? Well I guess this one is mine. 

I have always been an avid readers since what feels like forever so not until few weeks before I started to write reviews. I mean I usually read reviews when I want to pick a book so I guess now I want to give back and help others pick up a good book.

I have started to write few reviews on goodreads and NetGalley in these few weeks and now I don't know what makes me crazy enough to create a blog with the sole purpose to write book reviews.

Speaking of blog, in case you haven't noticed, I am still trying to find my ways editing and arranging this blog so please bear with me. Anyway, in the light of this blog's theme that I've come up with, I am also changing the way I write reviews. That includes my newly improved rating system that I am super excited about. Weeheee.

Now if you are an author or publisher and somehow have taken an interest for me to write a review of your book, I must say I am fluttered and feel honored that you want me to do that. However fluttered I might be though I hope you will read my review policy first okay sweethearts? I don't want to be responsible for any upset hearts so no hard feeling alright. One of the many hints is that I will only read contemporary romance :)

So I think that's enough of my rambling now and off I go to write my first review on this blog. Sweet books, sweet escapes sweethearts!

Yours truly,


  1. This was a great first post! I'm looking forward to seeing more book reviews on your blog :) what are your favorite genres to read? Do you only read Romance books?
    I really love the style of your blog. It's so cute! And your blog name <3 sweethaeart reads. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for the kind words! I love the style of your blog too especially with the design and of course the fun Top Ten Tuesday! Maybe I will do the meme someday. Btw, Miss Elizabeth/ itsmisselizabeth as the blog name is pretty cool ❤

    2. And I'm a big fan of contemporary romance. So yeah, I only read romance books. #hopelessromantic #emphasisonhopeless ;)


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