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Review: 12 Steps to Mr. Right by Cindi Madsen

Cover from: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31428210-12-steps-to-mr-right
*ARC is obtained through NetGalley from Entangled Publishing, LLC*

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤  (4 hearts)
I decided to give it 4 hearts because it is so captivating and I feel like as if I've been transported to a La La Land where I am living a life like Savannah and felt in love to a guy like Lincoln. However dreamy that was, I can't help but also feels there were little bit of some tiny stuffs that I can live without.

Savannah Gamble is a successful dating consultant and confidently teach women on how to find the right guy. She reconnects as friends (initially) with Lincoln Wells despite how he left her heartbroken few years back. Lincoln (or Linc) was a baseball player in minor league but due to a critical injury, he quit the profession and then works part time as a bartender and coach for high school kids at a summer baseball camp. I would like to think of it as friends-turn-lovers kind of story as I love how comfortable they are towards each other as friends and how sweet they are as lovers.

12 Steps to Mr. Right had mostly captured my heart and it makes me always curious on what is going to happen next to Linc and Savannah. It makes my heart flutters a lot for good reason and it also does one or twice gave me a (very) minor heart attack. But it's okay because I can still feel an abundance of love for this book.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of things that I love about it but, it would be a super long list to write them all so here a few of my favorites:
  1. Linc and Savannah doing crossword puzzles together. I mean, I have never imagined in my life how that activity could be sweet but they make it feel so sweet! *Swoon*
  2. Linc teasing the way Savannah seems to blurt out motivational quotes out of sudden without warning. I personally think that particular trait of Savannah is cute but Linc teasing her for that is pretty cute too. *Sigh, swoon again*
  3. How observant Savannah is when detecting Red Flags in a guy (or at least for her clients). It's like she has a superpower detecting ability and she makes it look so cool!
  4. The normal banter between Linc and Savannah because I've found myself often chuckling or swooning when reading their lines.

(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)
  1. The lengthy monologues that Savannah seems to always have. I actually love some of them though because they can be so funny but whenever I feel it kind of being drag, I skip through it.
  2. Supporting stories are great and all and I understand their importance but I just wish there were less stories of Annabeth, Amy Lynn, Abigail and maybe Aunt Velma too.

With that all being said, I am totally and definitely recommending this book to fellow contemporary romance readers especially for those who love friends-turn-lovers theme and doesn't mind reading a tad bit lengthy book. However, if you're looking for romance story that have hot-steamy scenes, I'm afraid this one might not be your cup of tea. So choose wisely. Sweet book leads to sweet escapes.

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