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Review: Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

Cover is taken from https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29991719-royally-screwed
My Review:

My Rating: ❤ (5 Royal hotness Stars)
Royally Screwed is your ultimate fairy tale dream comes true and it is regally brilliant, romantic and you will absolutely devoured every pages of the book.

I have always love books with royal theme but I seldom found one that I will developed deep affection to. Nevertheless, this book is so extraordinary because now I have a major affection towards it. And you know how every girls might have their dream of finding Prince Charming? Well, this book will makes you feel like you finally get to 'meet' the most dazzling Prince Charming ever.

Our irresistible hero is the royal hotness HRH Prince Nicholas and oh boy, he is definitely hot. And royal. And did I mentioned hot? I mean he is the next in line to be the king and he have this charismatic aura to him that a leader usually do but at the same time he also have a very dirty mind and  he listens to Kanye's song lol. Seriously, what's not to love? And I especially love that he love his brother so much and I also love how he carries his responsibility and duties as a prince very well. He is just so perfect! I guess it is safe to say that Prince Nicholas is now one of my favorites hero in the literary world. 

Although I love the hero so much, our heroine is not so bad herself. Olivia Hammond is a very lovely woman who is super hardworking, makes mouth-watering pies, kind-hearted and take care of her family after her mom died. She is the type of heroine that you would cheer on to fight the rest of the world in order to win her man. I was like the overly excited fangirl rooting for her to believe in herself, to believe in Nicholas and just be with him already and also want her to freaking tell off those who denied them being together.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)

1) I don't know why but I love the first time Olivia said Nicholas' name. Even though that scene is rather an unpleasant one but I enjoyed 'seeing' Nicholas being infuriated because he doesn't get to enjoy her saying his name at that moment due to the situation. It is surprisingly sweet of him that he would love to savor that moment. *Swoon*
2) I love how Nicholas seems to always asking Olivia to stay with him. And there are two times that he specifically asked that and I was swooning and smiling like a lunatic for both times. 
First time: 
"Stay." I say between kisses. "Stay here with me."
"For how long?"
"For as long as you can" 
 Second time:
"Don't go back to New York. Stay."
"For how long?"
"For always." 
*Double swoon*
3) I am really loving the grand confession that Nicolas did at the press conference. It was super duper sweet and I can't stop myself from imagining the scene in my head repeatedly. I am such a big fan of grand gesture and that is one hell of a grand gesture.

All things considered, I love every second of the time I spend reading this book so that's why I leave out the list of Things That I Dislike about The Book because there are simply nothing that I dislike. I like how the story started, I love how Nicholas pursue Olivia relentlessly in the beginning, I like the way their feelings towards each other gradually developed and then strengthen and I also enjoyed all the supporting characters including the Grandma who talk to a painting, the playboy Henry, the outrageous Ellie and even the security team. And I am so eager to read Prince Henry's story next.

I am totally recommending Royally Screwed to all the romance readers because it is definitely a 5 star read and it is really a good love story that have the perfect blend of humor, swoon-worthy moments, romance and angst. Definitely a must read!


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