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Review: Confessions of a Wedding Planner by Michelle Jo Quinn [With Giveaway]

Confessions of a Wedding Planner
Michelle Jo Quinn
(Bliss #1)
Publication date: July 26th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
He may be the best man, but he’s the worst man for her…
Wedding planner, Veronica Soto-Stewart believes everyone deserves a fairy tale–even her ex-boyfriend. Unable to refuse his request, and with the help of Bliss Events motley crew, she finds herself creating the most magical event for the perfect couple.
But nothing is ever perfect…
And not all happy ever afters can be planned…
Levi Laurent can’t believe his luck. Thanks to his best friend’s wedding, he finally has a shot at the woman he’s always wanted–Veronica. From San Francisco to Paris, and back, he pulls out all the stops, so she knows where she really belongs–with him. But Veronica wants nothing to do with the rich, sexy, irresistible playboy.
Can Levi convince Veronica that her perfect happily ever after is closer than she ever realized?
Book 2 – The Bachelor’s Perfect Proposal – has JUST released!
Grab your copy today!
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Author Bio:
Michelle’s love for writing blossomed when her father gave her a diary, but instead of recounting her daily life, she wrote stories of fictional people. Like most of her characters, she believes in Happily Ever After. Naturally, she finds harmony in writing romance. She enjoys creating stories that make readers laugh, cry and fall in love.
An unabashed, self-proclaimed foodie, Michelle loves to try new food whenever she travels. She once had triple crème Brie and duck rillette for lunch on top of Grouse Mountain.
She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two kids and a pup named Scarlet.

My Rating: ❤ (4 Sweet Stars)
Confessions of a Wedding Planner is a sweet love story that will makes you swoon for a certain Frenchman and rooting for him to have his girl. It's a quick read but at the same time it is adorable and very engaging.

First of all, I must say that I LOVE THE COVER! So heavenly pretty really. That cover perfectly showcase how sweet Veronica is and I fall in love with it on the first sight. Although people say don't judge a book by it's cover, it is usually the cover first that piqued my interest and I am definitely interested in this book.

Levi Laurent or Olivier Laurent is a mesmerizing and dreamy Frenchman  and I just can't help but liking his character. He can be romantic and so sweet to Veronica and I was totally in full mode swooning over him. I especially love the way she called Veronica "My sweet, sweet Veronica". Sigh. So romantic. He really is the Levi to my Veronica! He oozes mysterious aura and I am excited to know more about his immediate family, his background and what makes him tick.

I am also loving Veronica as the heroine of this book because I can feel along with her when her feelings changed gradually from feeling jealous with Jake and Sandrine to falling in love with the charming Levi. I love her profession as a wedding planner and her believe in marriage and as person who is getting married soon I particularly like this kind of theme. 

Although I love how the romance is set up between Levi and Veronica, it is not until the very end that I have the satisfaction of 'seeing' them become an item and that moment is pretty short so I hope they will be more to their happy couple times in the next book for me to indulge into. 

Overall I think this book delivers a good love story that romance lovers would absolutely love to read and be engrossed into. I would recommend this to contemporary romance reader who love good-looking Frenchman, Paris and wedding. And by the way, I noticed that the next book's title is The Bachelor's Perfect Proposal so does that means Levi will propose to Veronica and they will get married? I am already so intrigued with the next book!


  1. I'm a big fan of the cover, too! This sounds like a great read and very character driven, too. Veronica sounds realistic and easy to like. Great review, Abby! :)

    1. Yay to our mutual love of the cover, Giselle. And yes, it is indeed a great read and Veronica is lovely! Thank you for your kind words ❤


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