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Book Blitz: Romance & Erotica Party with Xpresso Book Tours [With Giveaway]

Welcome to the Romance and Erotica Reader Appreciation Giveaway!

We’re so glad you stopped by! A lot of great authors are giving away a HUGE Amazon Gift Card to one lucky Romance and/or Erotica reading fan! (Yes, we check, and only true romance book worms qualify to win! But there WILL be a winner, which will be publicly announced in the Facebook Party HERE on December 2nd!


Here are a couple of sneak peeks from the EPIC Romance!

K.C. Falls

I felt his presence before Darren Soul announced himself by clearing his throat. Having been in that never land of almost sleep, it took me a moment to organize my thoughts enough to speak. For an endless few seconds I stared stupidly into the nearly black eyes that still occupied an unhealthy portion of my intimate inner world.
I hadn't been able to get the man out of my mind for as long as I could remember. He was like a booger on the fingertip of my soul. I couldn't flick him off.
What the fuck was he doing in that room with me?
My skirt didn't need smoothing, but I smoothed it. My hair didn't need tucking, but I tucked it. I fought the blush that threatened to creep up my neck to my cheeks and reminded myself that he hadn't actually witnessed himself in my head while I revisited a favorite fantasy the night before.
"It's been a long time, Sarah." That voice still made my name a song. It was a little lower now, a real man's basso profundo. He arched one inky brow at me and said, "Almost seven years?"
Six years, nine months to be precise.
"About that," I answered. I was trying desperately to sort out why he was there, in the Judge's office, and why in the hell he looked so different. Still hot enough to make the asphalt on Main Street warp, but different hot. Like completely different. What happened to the man I thought I knew?
"What are you doing here?" I think I sounded a little hostile. I couldn't help it. I still felt the sting he left on my pride almost as much as the ache he'd left between my legs.
"Judge Whitener thought maybe I could add something to the discussion."
"I'm a little confused, Darren. I don't even know what I'm here to discuss, other than the estate. There's not much you can add to that unless there's something I haven't been told."
"You've been outta the loop for a while. You know small towns. Things get talked about."
I was still trying to figure out how he had traded the "I'm-such-a-tough-mutha-bad-boy" look with the "I'm-so-smooth-you're-dying-to-lick-every-shiny-inch-of-me" vibe.
I decided the shirt had everything to do with it. It was white. Whiter than actual white. So white it hurt the eyes. I'd never seen him wear anything but dirty, or no shirt at all. I was seeing Darren Soul all grown up and clean as a brand new penny.
Holy Seersucker, Batman! Darren Soul's traded his crotch rocket for a polo pony! But damn. He wore preppy with the same lip smacking cool as he'd worn all that ink and sweat so many years ago. When I laughed out loud he gave me a look.
"I'm sorry. I just never thought you'd cross over to the dark side. Or," I smiled as I indicated toward his clothes, "should I say the khaki side?"

Conflicted by Rebecca Hamilton
“I’m not an idiot, Chelsie. I was outside in the hallway and heard the nurse order a pregnancy test on room number nineteen. You’re in room nineteen.” He paused and pointed to the board where it said “HCG HOLD” in big red letters. “This means they need to confirm you’re not pregnant before they’ll do a surgery. Why didn’t you tell me? I have every right to know.”
Everyone in the surgery wing had a right to know, I supposed, by the way his voice was so angry and loud. My body vibrated.
I sat up straight in bed. “Because I’m not pregnant. I haven’t had a period in a couple of months, but we were careful, and my tests were negative. You’ll see you’re overreacting.”
The color had drained from his tanned skin. If he hadn’t taken a seat quickly, I felt certain he would’ve fainted. He rolled over to me on the small medical stool. His reaction told me he wasn’t happy about the possibilities. It was a bit unsettling to me, but I wasn’t going to publicly deal with his emotions—I had my own.
I watched as one-by-one he chewed the cuticles on his nails. It was something I’d never seen him do before. Right then, I realized he wasn’t ready for what we’d been doing.
His actions diminished the way I felt about him.
While a baby would’ve meant a miracle in my life, I already had one child who’s father rarely offered to complete the circle of life with our son and be the mentor he needed. I didn’t want that for another child, regardless of my private longing to fill my empty wound and heal the hole in my heart.
His nostrils flared. “How could you let this happen?”
He was putting the blame on me?
“Wow, you’re commitment to me lasted all of five minutes.”
He refused to make eye contact.
“Ian, you’re a doctor and you’re asking me that question? You know, I don’t need this right now. I crave a man that’s willing to stand tall with me and be on the same page about us and life and—embrace everything. Since you’re obviously not capable of doing that, you need to get out. Please, just get out of my room and get out of my life.” My arms flung about in the air like a peacock frilling her feathers, almost ripping the IV needle from my vein. “I need someone who supports me in all endeavors, not blames me the minute the first hiccup comes along. All you’ve done is turn my world upside down.”
He didn’t move.
“I said, GET. OUT.” I left no question about the rest of the department hearing my command.
Ian’s shoulders dropped, but he offered up not a single defense for himself.
When he left, I couldn’t decide if his departure made me feel better or worse, but I was grateful Shawna was still by my side.



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