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Review: Playboy Pilot by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Book cover from: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29533192-playboy-pilot
My Rating: (5 Perky Stars)
Playboy Pilot is an exceptionally remarkable literary masterpiece and whether it is the romance, characters or angst, I love every single thing about it!

Our heroine, Kendall Sparks was an almost twenty five years old woman and she comes from a family of rich oil magnates. In order to claim her trust fund, she must have a son by the time she reached twenty-six. And she might have already constructed a plan with a married gay couple so that she could deliver a baby boy and let them raise the child.

Meanwhile, our playboy hero Captain Carter Clynes, or otherwise known as Trip among the airline crew members which is short for Triple C is a pilot who always travel around the globe (being a pilot, obviously he have to travel a lot yeah?) and apparently he seems to have slept with all the singles women of his coworkers. 

The story starts with Kendall meeting with Carter for the first time at an airport lounge and later begin their wild, hilarious and intense ride to Rio, Dubai, Amsterdam and Boca. Along the ride they can't help but felt in love with each other and due to Kendall's situation they initially planed to have a baby together but something happened that cause them to cease the plan and Kendall decided to leave Carter heartbroken.

Not until eleven months later, Carter finally met again with Kendall on a flight from New York to Boston. They have a very short reconciliation at Boston because Carter still feels very raw since last time it was Kendall who left him. But later on, a simple phone message changed everything and finally they reconciled again at Rio, the first place they spent together during their 'wild ride' previously. And the story ends with a fabulous and satisfying prologue that pretty much guaranteed a HEA to our pair of lovebirds. 

 My Opinion 

I actually have finished reading Playboy Pilot yesterday but I was on cloud nine feeling euphoric after reading this outstanding book so I delayed writing my review a bit since I'm afraid I couldn't write coherent words. That being said, Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward had successfully made another book that got me hooked 100 percent from the start to the end. I love their work on Stuck Up Suit but Playboy Pilot really takes the cake. The story have an interesting plot line with the way it transported readers to several amazing locations but I believe the strong point is the way the authors deliver the story. They delivered it superbly and the characterizations were incredible. I love the main characters and I ship their relationship so much that I want to say these two things to our hero and heroine.
To our hero: "You're the Carter to my Kendall".
To our heroine: "You're the Kendall to my Carter" 
They are such a perfect pair! *Sigh*

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)

EVERY.SINGLE.THING. I basically love everything about Playboy Pilot. If have to make a whole list of this I think I will practically ended up writing a book title 101 Things That I Love about Playboy Pilot lol! Anyway, these are my top favorites (In no particular order):

1. Those Beatles songs OH.MY.GOSH! The way the authors incorporated them in the story was soooooo brilliant! And frankly speaking, before I read this book I haven't listen to any of their songs because I'm an idiot. And now, oh well, let's just say The Beatles have got a new fan :) 

2. Perverted Carter! He is so adorably nutty and hilarious. Can't believe that's possible but he is! That scene when he cannot make a move on Kendall and he have to settle with her panties is freaking funny muahahaaa I seriously laughed my ass off.

3. That moment when Kendall wants to lie to Carter that her name is Sydney and fails miserably when Carter found her passport with her name. And what's funnier is Carter teasing her by saying since her first name is Sydney, her last name is Opera-House lol! And I absolutely love that they got married outside Sydney Opera House because of that. So romantic!

4. The scene when Carter was feeling down when he thought Kendall doesn't follow him to Dubai but when he sees her, that massive smile he gave her pretty much mirrored my massive smile at that time. Such a sweet moment!

5. Carter's relationship with Gordon. I like that Carter have so much love in him that he pretended to be Gordon's son when Gordon mistakenly thought he is his son. And what a heartwarming moment it was when in actuality Gordon knew all along Carter is not his son. I almost cried with Carter when he finds out that Gordon had passed away. 

6. All those signs that were signalling that they should be together are splendid! Whether it was intentionally or unintentionally. When the Kardashian's reference came out I really thought the authors read my mind. I was thinking about Kendall Jenner when the first time I learned our heroine's name is Kendall. Besides that, the baby's uniform with Carter's brand was so cute and it was clever how the uniform was included in the story more than once.

But among the signs, I love the sign that Carter intended to make at Rio but hilariously failed. He asked somebody to put a message on a banner trailing at a small plane. It went like this:

Carter huffed, “Fuck! Assholes ruined it. The banner was supposed to say,The Answer is in the Sky: Kendall loves Carter. I knew that guy didn’t understand me!”
Instead it read: The Answer is in Disguise: Ken Doll Loves Farting
And that ladies and gentleman, definitely cracks me up. 

(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)

None. Nothing. Nada. There is not a single thing that I dislike in Playboy Pilot. I love it wholeheartedly without a single doubt. That is why it deserved 5 star ratings. 

So, everything considered, I must say that all of you romance lovers really should read this book. It is a must and you certainly wouldn't be disappointed. 

I guess that is all on my review about Playboy Pilot and hopefully this will do it justice. The book is really phenomenal and one of the evidence is me having a huge withdrawal right now. This book makes me listening to The Beatles songs and keeps on playing it on repeat. Sighhh. 
I have Marketing class tomorrow and if my professor asked me anything I will answer using lyrics from The Beatles songs. Just kidding! Not.

P.s: What's your favorite Beatle's song? Mine after reading this book is Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds. (Imagining Carter singing it with his own rendition on a plane)

Yours truly,


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