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Review: Play Calling by Kate Donovan

Book details can be found at: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31806749-play-calling

*ARC is obtained through NetGalley from Beyond the Page Publishing in exchange for a honest review* 
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤  (4 Zombie hearts!)
Play Calling is a sexy read, enjoyable and pretty entertaining! Hunky head football coach meets gorgeous author-slash-sociologist? Refreshingly interesting!
The story is basically about Daniel Riga/Coach Riga/Daniel/Dan, the head coach of Portland Lancers who was suddenly caught in media frenzy when Noelle Sharpe, an author and sociologist, called him zombie in a newspaper column. Feeling guilty, Noelle went out of her way to remedy the situation and although some turns out great, some becomes a complete nightmare for her. Interestingly, Daniel and Noelle hit it off during their first time encounter with each other and later on agreed to date during the off-season which is few months away. Daniel and Noelle then struggle to stick to the plan as they started to developed feeling towards other and wish they can date during the football season. But Daniel has to focus all his attention to football and Noelle is busy with her column and book tour so they must decide which way to choose to have their own HEA. 

❣ My Opinion 
I think this book is very refreshing because although I've reads lot of stories with the hero as superstar sports player, I've never read one about a coach let alone the head coach and Daniel Riga makes a very interesting (and delighting) head coach. I was intrigued by the set up that link Daniel and Noelle together and I was kind of in the mood for the hero and heroine that start off as stranger at first so Play Calling comes to me at a perfect time.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)
  1. The idea that relates Daniel to zombie. It is brilliant and funny at the same time to say he is like a zombie because he gives his 100% focus to just one thing which is football. 
  2. Noelle's love for football especially toward Lancers. It's pretty cool that she has a very good understanding about the sport. 
  3. That first time Dan send Noelle a flower as surprise AND secretly watch her receive it from the delivery guy. That's really sweet and the message on the flower is sweeter! *Swoon*
To the prettiest girl I'm not dating until February. Here or anywhere else. ~Dan

(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)
  1. The fact that Daniel and Noelle have sex on their very first encounter. It feels a bit weird that Noelle meets him to apologize for the zombie incident, then asking him a favor and then boom they are having sex. It just doesn't bode well with me and I don't know why, maybe I need more chemistry at that particular scene.
  2. Noelle is being way too kind. I get that she is selfless and a very good-natured person but that interview with Hutch and helping Farrow with articles and questions? I was feeling quite frustrated that she doesn't just tell them off. But then the Hutch's incident gives a wonderful result and Farrow gets a satisfying end so I'm good.
As a whole, I think Play Calling is a pretty good book and although it is a part of a series, it can also be read as a standalone. However, it is better to read the previous book because there are lots of interesting supporting characters. I would recommend this book to football lovers that wants some romance with HEA.

That's all for today. Till later, sweethearts.

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  1. I just love your way of reviewing! It's playful, but also straight to the point. Great review! I will put this on TBR for sure! Also thanks for the comment on my blog <3

    1. Thank you Balie! That means a lot to me. And you are the most welcome. I love your blog. Will keep coming there ❤


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