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Review: Hart Broken by Annie Arcane

Book details can be found at: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31358357-hart-broken 
*E-book is received from the author for free in exchange for an honest review*

My Rating:  (4 hearts)
Hart Broken is interestingly unusual and have the right dose of swoon-worthy moments, angst and slapstick humor. 
Mickey Hart met the gorgeous, successful and paraplegic Cale Windermere on a rather unexpected situation but later on she mistakenly thought that he is a criminal and have to fight her attraction towards him. After the misunderstanding has been cleared, they becomes more attracted to each other and feelings deepen. However both have their own demon that they have to fight and they have to built the trust between them to have a shot of their own happiness together.

❣ My Opinion 
I think Hart Broken is really a unique story because we usually have the perfect ten hero and although Cale is almost perfect he is also paraplegic and that just makes him human because we human are simply imperfect. And I love how even though Cale is a paraplegic, he is also handsome, sexy, and smart which totally makes me swooning. Furthermore, Mickey is an interesting character as heroine too because she can be funny, outrageous but at the same time she also have this added layer in her character that makes her kind of broken and I'm intrigued and fascinated by her. On a slightly different note, I know I'm usually fixed on reading stories with HEA (Happily Ever After) and although this book doesn't really have a HEA but it have HFN (Happy For Now) so I'm pretty okay with how the story ended in this book.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)

1) I especially love how independent and strong-willed Cale is because I think it is admirable that he do all the stuffs himself that any other normal paraplegic will have others to assist them. 
2) The part where Mickey mistakenly thought Cale is a serial killer is hilarious! It is really funny when Mickey had the scares of her life when she thought Cale is a dangerous criminal although in actuality he is definitely not. 
3) Shirtless Cale! Oh my gosh. Absolutely, totally and definitely dreamy. *Sigh*

(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)

1) The boyfriend and girlfriend declaration. Or the lack thereof. I mean, I understand that in reality we don't usually have to declared ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend in relationship but in Cale and Mickey case, it would be nice to know at least there is a sort of discussion about that or anything so that I could comprehend how they moved from being not in a relationship to bf/gf's phase.
2) The part where Mickey called Cale 'cripple'. I totally understand that she didn't mean it and it was like the words we normally say when we are in anger or frustration but we actually didn't mean it. Even if I know that, when Mickey said it, I couldn't help but gasp in disbelief. And I get that she apologize to Cale but it didn't feel enough because maybe I wish she apologize harder and explained thoroughly why she said that.

All in all, I think Hart Broken is a really good story and if you're a fan of unique, sexy and angsty romance then this one is for you. 

So I guess that's all for now. Till next time sweethearts!

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