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Review: Called Up by Jen Doyle

Cover from: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30237695-called-up
My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤  (5 Inspiration hearts!)
Called Up is highly addictive, pleasantly consuming and I think it is a true gem!

To be honest, I was actually in the middle of reading another book before I read Called Up. Once I saw the book cover with that pretty white-red-blue baseball I was captivated. The blurb was very interesting and once I managed to get my hands on the book (after abandoning my previous book heh), I completely fell for the story hook, line and sinker.

The story brings me to a small town called Inspiration in Iowa where the hero, Maximillian "Deke" Deacon is the town bartender at his family bar as well as the baseball coach for Little League team consisted of six and seven years old kids. He is easygoing, friendly and (former) man-whore and even his ex-partners still like him. Deke have been a good friend to our heroine, Angelica "Fitz" Hawkins for 16 years and Fitz's half-brother, Nate is Deke's best friend. Interestingly, Deke and Fitz starts to have a not-so-friendly feelings towards each other and then they have this thing called schmelationship going on for a while before they realized they are fated to be with each other.

I know they are many best-friend-turns-lover theme out there but trust me this one is among the rare, precious gem and I am not sure why but I have always been fascinated by this particular theme. I mean there seems to have some sort of appeal and certain degree of sweetness when the hero and heroine knows each other very well for so long and care deeply about each other. And I must tell you, Deke and Flitz's journey definitely have all those charms with the perfect amount of steam and angst.

(or in other words, Things that I love about the book)
  1. How protective is Deke towards Fitz. Case in point, upon learning an incident happened to Fitz years ago during their high school time that could harmed her, Deke immediately went furious and pretty much want to murder the bad guys involved even though the incident happened a very long time ago.
  2. How strong and courageous Fitz is even when life threw lemons at her. With her parents died when she was just a teenager, suddenly have to settle at new school with half-siblings that hated her and on top of that being played and attacked? I salute her for not giving up on life and fight back heads on.
  3. That moment when Nate (and the gang) comes into the picture to help her half-sister during the high school incident and declared nobody shall mess with her sister anymore or else have to face them. That scene is awesome and feels badass! I'm loving it!
  4. Deke's thoughtfulness on Fitz's issue about her dead parents and his understanding towards Fitz's fear in relationship. I love how Deke care about her and helped her tackle those issues patiently (most of the time) even if she have to take baby steps. 
(or in other words, Things that I can live without from the book)
  1. Peggy or also sometimes called as bit*h by Fitz is really mean and two-faced and her character makes me wants to do something really bad to her every time her name popped up. But then I got the satisfaction of Deke being in a Godzilla mode and tell her off in front of everyone and all is good again. I know her character is just an element needed to give the story interesting arc of angst but yeah I hated her.
  2. Fitz's refusal to accept Deke as her boyfriend was kind of infuriating especially when Deke seems to be given his all to win her. But then again, I totally get why she behaved like that and thankfully the plot line after that was satisfying and fulfilling.
All in all, I think Called Up  is an outstanding story and it is worth mentioning again that the story is really addictive because I've a hard time to stop myself from continuing to read just to take few time off to do basic human needs such as eating, shower and etc. So be prepared, don't tell me I didn't warned you ;)

Anyway, I was feeling quite bummed that I haven't read the previous book in the series about Nate and Dorie's story because, from this story Nate seems like such a good brother and would be a fabulous hero when he have his own story. So I guess I will read Calling It later. I know the order is not right but I am random so why not yeah? 

Till next post sweethearts!

Yours truly,


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